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O.N.E. Project
Our Natural Evolution

The team of ONE Project developd by Julia Volobujeva and Stavros Karagilanis.

The creation ONE project

In an effort to change their selves, to understand and recognize their mistakes and how the flow of things works, they chose to deepen their understanding of Macrobiotic philosophy & nutrition and share its practice. They have been doing so since 2010. 

Their personal experience of everyday life attracted other people with common questions and challenges (what kind of food to eat in order to remain healthy, what to do when I get ill, how to manage a crisis etc). Thus, ONE Project was created, to address to those questions and share the knowledge of Macrobiotic tradition, the path of Natural lifestyle and diet. 

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Κωσταντίνος Τζαλλήλας

Μακροβιοτικός Μάγειρας

Ο πρώτος και βασικός συνεργάτης του ONE Project… (more…)

Βασίλειος Μαυρίκιος

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Η αλήθεια της διατροφής…

ONE Project | Services


Vegan macrobiotic cuisine according to your needs.

House parties, kids parties, corporate meetings, festivals, exhibitions, promotional activities etc.

MENU: snacks, soups, main dishes, dips, cremes, desserts – all without animal products, sugar or refined ingredients.


Consultancy services for individual-family health and well-being.

Vegan superfoods

Production of specialised fermented products (substitutes of animal products and sweeteners).

Distribution of traditional macrobiotic products (imported).

Personal Training

Home training. Macrobiotic classes structured according to your needs, at your space.

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ONE Project is growing bigger, its tasks have increased and is looking for collaborators, to train in Macrobiotics and become members of a growing community