The most common question someone has to deal with when changing into a Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle is “How do I adjust my daily routine?
How do I change my life to have the benefits of Macrobiotics?”

Usually, sudden changes are scaring.
That’s why we recommend some basic steps to start someone on the Macrobiotic path.

The path that makes us all to live with eagerness, health and a sense of freedom.

The true freedom that gives us the power to choose how we live and what health we are!

Proposals for Macrobiotic Changes:

  1. Chewing well every mouthful of our food (30-50 times in the beginning, until the food is in the mouth is pureed), helps to digest and assimilate better our food.
  2. If we follow the Macrobiotic Diet Standard (see HERE), we can be sure to have a holistic nutrition.
  3. It is better to avoid overeating. We stop eating when we feel full about 70-80%.
  4. Avoid Extreme (Yin-Yang) Foods. (Specifically: Sugar, salmon, tropical fruit + vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat), to avoid extreme behaviours and side effects.
  5. Contact with nature and daily exercise (Yoga, tai chi, swimming, walking in the mountains or even walking in the city!) is essential to be able to “go with the flow”.
  6. Let’s start our day with a warm miso soup and a happy tune to our lips! (Miso Soup because we prepare our body with the appropriate beneficial bacteria and enzymes for good digestion, and a happy song because we put our mood on a positive track).
  7. We cook on natural fire or gas instead of electric-microwaves (the frequency of electricity breaks the food particles, making food more Yin and destroying its molecular structure. On the fire food becomes more delicious!)
  8. For a good, restful, refreshing sleep, it is advisable to eat 3 hours before bedtime and to sleep before 11pm. 
  9. Avoid contact with synthetic and/or chemicals, synthetic clothes and cosmetics. Reduce our exposure to electromagnetic radiation (mobile-cordless phones, TV, PC etc)
    to increase our union with the universal and earthly energy.
  10. We understand that all phenomena come from the same Divine Source. We are grateful and thank the Universe for every new day of our lives.


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