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White Sweet Miso (Shiro Miso)

Enhances the digestive system, rich in enzymes & lactobacilli, ideal for sauces, soups and marinades. Α naturally fermented product, free of chemicals and additives.

Barley Miso (Mugi Miso)

A basic ingredient for those entering a Macrobiotic diet, as it is a strengthening and detoxing seasoning with versatility in its use.

Soy sauce

The most famous seasoning of Oriental gastronomy, is praised for its flavouring and healing properties.

Genuine Tamari

The original recipe for Tamari, results in a deep textured and dark coloured soy sauce, rich in antioxidants, that gives strength and body to all recipes used.

Kuzu starch

The starch that strengthens intestinal condition and gives unique texture in any occassion used.

Brown rice vinegar

The deepest and more aromatic sour taste, comes from naturally fermented Brown Rice Vinegar. Strong smell but deep and mellow taste.

Ume vinegar (Ume Su)

The multifunctional seasoning with Sour, Salty and Fruity taste, rich in nutrients and easy to use in a variety of applications.


A versatile seasoning that gives natural sweet taste to any recipe used in. Prebiotic function.


The “King” of alkaline foods.
It immediately changes the pH of the blood. It is used in therapeutic preparations,

Brown rice Miso

It strengthens the digestive system, rich in natural probiotics, enzymes & lactobacilli, detoxifying and strengthening.

Kukicha twig tea

Tea from roasted tea twigs, with earthly aroma and alkaline properties.

ONE Project products

There are many Macrobiotic products of high nutritional & therapeutic value.
ONE Project macrobiotic products are available from our Suppliers Network.
Our products are selected based on their fine quality and organic farming:
miso, shoyu, tamari, ume su, genmai su, umeboshi, kuzu, koukicha tea, combu, nori sheets, shiitake mushrooms, motsi, daikon and more.

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Macrobiotic Seminars



Vegan superfoods

Production of specialised fermented products (substitutes of animal products and sweeteners).

Distribution of traditional macrobiotic products (imported).


Vegan macrobiotic cuisine according to your needs.

House parties, kids parties, corporate meetings, festivals, exhibitions, promotional activities etc.

MENU: snacks, soups, main dishes, dips, cremes, desserts – all without animal products, sugar or refined ingredients.


Consultancy services for individual-family health and well-being.

Personal Training

Home training. Macrobiotic classes structured according to your needs, at your space.


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