Enhances the digestive system, rich in enzymes & lactobacilli, ideal for sauces, soups and marinades. Α naturally fermented product, free of chemicals and additives.

A product of traditional savory wisdom
Packaging: 400gr
Biological certification
Pasteurized product. After the opening is maintained in the refrigerator

Origin: Fukui, Japan

The most common Miso in Japan is the White Miso or Shiro Miso. The traditional White Sweet Miso ONE Project, is made with a natural enzymatic process that gives it a gentle, sweet taste without the use of any additives, preservatives or other artificial materials. It consists of rice, less soybeans and salt. If the amount of soy was greater, a red or brown color would appear as in the longer fermentation Misos. Its taste is sweeter and gentler.

Fantastic ingredient in sauces, side dishes, desserts and a variety of dishes where we want a velvety texture and full body, without the intense taste and color of a dark Miso.

A perfectly natural and healthy product that can be used as the basis for the composition of a variety of recipes. Ideal for sauces, soups and marinades.

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