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Seitan schnitzel

gluten nuggets
  • 200gr Seitan-Wheat fillet
  • 4 TBs organic flour 70%
  • 1 TBs organic corn or rice starch
  • 3-4 TBs water
  • 1/4 ts wasabi powder
  • 2 ts poppy seeds
  • salt
  • bread crumbs
  • Sunflower-olive oil to fry

Mustard sauce:


  • Finely chopped parsley, Sushi Nori
plant protein

Especially on cold winter days, we need a warming and energising meal, and pan fried Seitan is exactly the solution!
A dish full of plant protein, that is easily prepared in a few minutes, preparing us for a strong taste and strength.

Wheat fillet, is rich in protein and iron, and we can serve it with a tasty mustard sauce or any other we prefer. Along with few sauteed vegetables, pickles and brown rice, we have a complete, nutritious, strengthening meal.

Don't forget... Chew well each bite, 30-50 times!


Prepare the batter
In a deep bowl we mix the flour, starch, wasabi and salt, whisk well with water. Add the poppy seeds and whisk.

Cut Seitan in parallel fillets, 1-1,5 cm thick.

Warm the oil in a pan. Dust the fillets in plain flour, both sides and dip them in the batter. Then cover them with bread crumbs in another plate and put them in hot oil to fry, 203 minutes on each side. We remove and place on kitchen paper.

Mustard sauce
Mix all ingredients together to homogenize. If we need to dilute the sauce, add some water, until desirable consistency is achieved.


For a complete, nutritious and tasty meal, serve half a cup brown rice, sprinkled with stripes of Sushi Nori, some sauteed vegetables and the Schnitzel with mustard sauce. Serving some pickles on the plate, will add the necessary enzymes and probiotic bacteria for better digestion.

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