Hijiki is a dark brown edible seaweed, used in Japanese gastronomy for centuries. It offers unique color and aroma cooked as an accompanying dish.

One of the best iron-rich foods on the planet, while the calcium content is up to 14 times more than the same amount of cow’s milk. Hijiki is also rich in dietary fiber and other metals (magnesium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, etc.). In total it contains 34% of metal in its composition!
A nutritious food that helps against anemia, keeps the skin and hair beautiful!
It also contains a lot of beneficial nutrients, including sulfite polysaccharides that provide anti-inflammatory, antiviral and cardiovascular benefits.

See the wonderful recipe Hijiki with Seitan.

Ground Umebossi into a paste. It gives Sour, Salty and Fruity taste in any recipe used.
Ideal for sauces, spices, sushi, as a accompaniment and flavor enhancer.
Like Umeboshi ONE Project, it has very alkaline and antimicrobial properties, it helps digestion and function of the stomach.

Mochi is a traditional product of Japanese culture, and not just gastronomy. It is strengthening and very nutritious, for a number of cases.


Helps digestion, especially assisting the body to proccess fats and cholesterol.
In traditional Japanese healing, it is used to remove fat from internal organs and tissues.

Dried mushrooms (Lentinus edodes) that strengthen the immune system, have antimicrobial and antipyretic action. Strengthen blood vessels.

Extremely powerful pickle, very rich in enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Protects against arteriosclerosis, cholesterol.

Tea from roasted tea twigs, with earthly aroma and alkaline properties.


A basic ingredient for those entering a Macrobiotic diet, as it is a strengthening and detoxing seasoning with versatility in its use.

The most famous seasoning of Oriental gastronomy, is praised for its flavouring and healing properties.

The original recipe for Tamari, results in a deep textured and dark coloured soy sauce, rich in antioxidants, that gives strength and body to all recipes used.