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Onion pickle with Tamari


Winter and cold and probiotic foods are essential for everyday use.


See a recipe for Tamari pickles that are already rich in enzymes and probiotic bacteria because of their natural fermentation process, while giving strength and unique flavor.


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1 kg Dried onions

Peel 1/2 lemon

100ml Tamari Sauce

Container for fermentation with vertical walls (glass, ceramic, plastic)

Weight 1-2 kilos

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Step 1 Clean the onions from their peel and put them in a basin of water to cover for a few hours. The more soaked, the less intense the taste will be from the essential oils of the onion.

Step 2 We cut each onion in the middle and every half in strips towards the center, not parallel so that each piece has a part of the root.

Step 3 Put the onions in a bowl and pour in with Tamari.

Step 4 Mix well, kneading lightly.

Step 5a Cut the lemon hole with parallel cuts and then vertically become very small cubes. The younger the better.

Step 5b Add the chopped lemongrass to the onions and mix well.

Step 6 Put the mixture into the container that we have selected. Cover with a dish so that the onions do not spread and we place the weight. If we do not have a weight, we can put washed stones or a bag of water.

Step 7 On the next day we check whether liquids have risen above the level of onions. If not, then increase the weight or add a little Tamari mixture with water (1: 4).



Let the mixture covered by its liquids for at least 7 days as far as we want. The more it becomes, the more fermentable it becomes and it gets a sour and sharp taste.

Accompany your meals with it.


Offer these pickles to those you know who eat animal products, since it helps detoxify them!

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