Natto (Nattō), is a fermented soy food, which is widely investigated by scientists, as the Japanese longevity food, mainly because it is the source for Nattokinase -the powerful anticlotting enzyme- as well as a good source for vitamin K2.

Natto characteristics

One ofe the wondres of Japanese gastronomy, Natto is cosidered as one of the foods responsible for longevity in Japanese communities. Since ancient times it was considered a remedy for stomach pains, flu, difficult pregnancies, antibacterial against cholera, typhoid and dysentery!

Nutritional facts

Natto is rich in proteins, enzymes and probiotic bacteria, iron, calcium, metals and trace elements. Excellent source for picolinic acid, nattokinase, vit. K2.

Health benefits

Nattokinase in Natto protects from health ailments, dementia, nervous degeneration. 
It acts as a mild antibiotic and gut protective, assists enteric function and food assimilation. Picolinic acid is said to neutralise toxins and poisons.According to folk Oriental medicine, it is considered to remove excessive mucus from the intestines, created by over consumption of dairy.

Overall, Natto gives energy and freshness to the body. Its health benefits in detail:

  • Nattokinase
    An enzyme discovered in Natto, in 80’s, is proved to be a potent antithrombotic. It was isolated and used as a medicine since 1998, for cardiovascular diseases including heart diseasehigh blood pressurestrokechest pain (angina), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), hemorrhoidsvaricose veins, poor circulation, and peripheral artery disease (PAD).
    It is also used for pain, fibromyalgiachronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosisuterine fibroidsmuscle spasmsinfertilitycancer, and a vitamin-deficiency disease called beriberi.

  • Vitamin Κ2
    Known also as menoquinone, vitamin K2 is thought to be the most potent form of vitamin K (from Koagulant), which protects against osteoporosis, since it plays a role in production of osteocalcin, which in turn acts as a binding component of calcium in bones. Studies have shown that 10gr of Natto per day, provide 100mg vit K2, enough for a 60 kg person.

  • Antioxidant action
    Isofravone, one of Natto’s antioxidants, is considered to prevent cancer. Antioxidants in Natto are 4 times more active than in soybeans. This is mainly due to fermentation and the antioxidants produced by Natto bacilus.

  • Natto Bacilus
    It helps maintain a healthy digestive system, since every gram of it, contains 1 billion active bacteria.
    It is considered a remedy by the Japanese Ministry of Health, while a prescription medicine for the stomach, is available in pharmacies.



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