A versatile seasoning that gives natural sweet taste to any recipe used in. Prebiotic function.

A product of traditional savory wisdom
Packaging: 250ml
Organic certification. Pasteurized product.

A popular condiment whose history goes back in the 16th century, until it reached its current form, which brings it to households around the world as a very useful and special flavoring.

Mirin is produced by a natural process of fermenting sweet koji rice, salt and spirits, which are mixed, saccharified due to fermentation with the koji fungus and filtered to give a clear, yellowish, rich in natural sweetness. There is a 6-month maturation process that gives smoother flavor, full body and ability to homogenize with other ingredients easily.

Due to its fermentation process, Mirin becomes rich in oligosaccharides that act as prebiotics. These are elements that support probiotic bacteria and the digestive function in total.

Adds naturally sweet flavor, with depth and body, in any recipes that call for sweet taste, such as sweet & sour vegetables, wok style dishes, stir fries, sauces, marinades, dips etc.

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