The starch that strengthens intestinal condition and gives unique texture in any occassion used.

A product of traditional savory wisdom
Packaging: 100gr
Organic certification. Non pasteurized product.

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Kuzu starch originates from the root of the Kudzu plant (Pueraria lobata), which is collected washed and dried many times until its pure starch remains. It is considered precious in the Far Eastern tradition, as it is used in healing remedies for intestines and immune system. It also gives a unique soft texture to sauces, soups and beverages.

Kuzu’s starch is his secret, as his molecules penetrate the intestines and relieve problems of overacidity, bacterial contamination, diarrhea, irritation, and abdominal pain. It is also recommended for children who do not like the taste of many medicines. Kuzu ONE Project is also rich in antioxidant isoflavonoids, which provide healing properties for the digestive and circulatory system, help reduce muscle spasms, allowing better perfusion and relief from intestinal cramps. It is used in traditional Far Eastern medicine to shed fever, relax muscles and reduce the symptoms of cerebral blood vessels (migraines, ears, tension, eye fatigue, insomnia and so on), boosting blood flow.

The mild, neutral taste of Kuzu ONE Project, the satin sheen it gives and the strong coagulation ability make it a popular ingredient for sauces and glazes, puddings and desserts, as well as all kinds of cooked dishes that are looking for a special texture and excellent bonding.
Its unique efficacy in therapeutic prescriptions for the treatment of digestive disorders, should also be taken into consideration.

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