The deepest and more aromatic sour taste, comes from naturally fermented Brown Rice Vinegar. Strong smell but deep and mellow taste.

A product of traditional savory wisdom
Packaging: 250ml
Organic certification. Pasteurized product.

Natural vinegar comes from alcoholic drink. So is ONE Project’s Brown Rice Vinegar that comes from sake, Japan’s national beverage made from rice.
Our Brown Rice Vinegar is produced with a natural 2-stage fermentation process that takes about 2 months and then the ripening stage for one year.
It contains only rice, koji and water. So it follows the law’s specification to be called “Rice Vinegar”, in contrast to many synthetically produced “Vinegar” using water, sugar, organic acids, spices and salt.

Natural Brown Rice Vinegar ONE Project is rich in organic acids (citric, malic, acetic, succinic) which stimulate metabolism, increase gastric fluid secretion, improve blood quality and calcium absorption. They also act as flavor enhancers and of course preservatives in food. Due to citric acid (citric acid cycle) it helps to neutralize organic and lactic acid, resulting in reduced tension, stiffness and pain, on shoulders and hips. Its action to lower LDL cholesterol, helps prevent atherosclerosis and heart problems. Of course it needs to be used in moderation.

It is used in plenty of applications, as an excellent seasoning in salads, sauteed vegetables, sauces, marinades and pickles. Combine it with Mirin ONE Project to make the perfect Sweet & Sour dish, or mix it with Soy sauce ONE Project for a nice dip for tempura. It is also used to season rice for sushi.

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