The 7 Stages of the Health-Disease development

As is commonly accepted in Macrobiotic Thought, food is metabolized and converted into body cells. More specifically, it is first transformed into red blood cells and then into other kind of body cells. The well-known phrase “You are what you eat” have roots in ancient philosophies, from Hippocrates to the Orient.

In general, the relationship of health and illness is governed by the equilibrium of Yin (expansion) and Yang (contraction) qualities in the environment, our lives and our body.
The first and main cause of illness is the low quality of blood, which comes from poor and unbalanced diet.

The progression of the disease follows a certain order: From food to blood and then to cells.
Based on this logic, there are seven main stages:



The first stage of disease, is fatigue as a result of overeating, eating a lot of sweet foods and lack of peace and stability in living conditions.



The second stage of disease, is pain. Pain is the result of poor blood circulation, which prevents adequate oxygen supply to the cells. This is usually the case because some capillary vessels are clogged or broken. One of the most direct indications of the above is chest pain when the capillaries of the heart coronary are clogged and not enough blood arrive in the cells of the heart tissue. Whenever the cells do not get enough oxygen, we feel pain.



The third stage, is contagious diseases. This stage is a result of the excessive Yin-quality of body fluids due to excessive consumption of sugar, sweeteners, fruits, spices, alcohol, toxic drugs and drugs, standard and refined foods. Herpes and AIDS are an advanced form of this stage of illness. The cells are surrounded by intercellular fluids, which are very similar to ocean waters. These fluids should always be alkaline and slightly salty, like the ocean waters. If these liquids become sweet (Yin), cell health will begin to decline due to the growth of bacteria (which thrive in a sweet-acidic environment). This is a simplified explanation of what a contagious disease is.



The fourth stage, is the weakness of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the secretion of hormones and the organ function. This stage follows after the continued downgrading of the first 3 stages. Continuing eating sweet foods uncontrolably, animal products and fat, creates an acidic environment within the body (body fluids). As a result, nerve cell functions and secretion of hormones are slowed down. Then the problems with thyroid, pancreas and kidneys / adrenal glands begin. When hormone secretion is disturbed, the functioning of the organs is disturbed. The above can also be caused by an accident that caused damage to the spine, thus preventing the nerve stimuli of the organs.



The fifth stage is the disease of cells and organs – cancer. Our blood must be alkaline (the acidic counterpart), with a pH usually around 7.4. This acidity level is kept consistent and accurate with the smooth functioning of organs, especially kidneys, which filter out excess acids. When the kidneys become weak, the blood begins to become less alkaline. If the pH reaches 6.9, then the cells die. However, between pH 6.9 and pH 7.0, instead of dying, cells begin and change their gene structure to survive in the acidic environment. This is the principle of cancer cells. The predominant reason for this exacerbation is synthetic chemicals in foods such as flavorings, preservatives, dyes, softeners and more. Some of them are known to be carcinogenic. Even what are called “safe” chemicals can become extremely dangerous when combined with other “safe” chemicals. Therefore, it is recommended in macro-biotic practice to avoid all foods containing such chemicals. Especially cancer patients.



The sixth stage, is psychological. Someone who complains often, belongs to this group (emotional problems, schizophrenia, neurasthenia, etc.). This psychological condition is caused by the imbalance of the physiological / physical conditions reported so far, or is simply the result of ill-mannered childhood and inadequate family education.



The seventh stage, is spiritual. It is described as a state of lack of gratitude for life, non-appreciation and non-faith in the order that exists in the Universe.


We could say that this “7 Stage Cycle” begins / stems from the seventh stage (Spiritual) and is transferred / realized in the Physical Field.

Life is an admirable phenomenon. Especially nowadays when people’s values ​​are corrupted and natural flow is disturbed.

The lack of appreciation of the miracle of life is the most profound sickness of all.
Many people start a macrobiotic practice and manage to ease pains that afflict them for years by simply maintaining a more balanced diet. Some of them, however, do not appreciate what they received through good nutrition and when the pain goes away, they fall back into poor diet.

This mentality, Arrogance, is the seventh stage disease.

As Herman Aihara says about the above, a person who has appreciation and gratitude for life can easily cure all diseases, even cancer.

Health to everyone.

Herman Aihara and George Oshawa were two of the pioneers of Macrobiotic Thought in the West of the last century.

They studied, wrote books and devoted their lives to showing the world how they can improve their health and life, following the basic principles of Macrobiotics. The above are based on extracts from Herman Aihara’s ‘Basic Macrobiotics’ book.

Basic Macrobiotics | By Herman Aihara | Revised edition 1998


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