The action of nattokinase

Nattokinase is an enzyme that reduces the ability of blood clots formation.

It is a natural ingredient of a soy food called Natto. A a super-food traditionally used for over a thousand years in Japanese cuisine.
References show that the Samurai used it daily, and they also gave it to their horses to increase their stamina and speed!

The anticoagulant miracle

When injured, the body produces fibrinogen (a white fibrous substance-protein) which “picks” red blood cells, by forming clots it stops bleeding and promotes healing of the wound. After the area is treated, the body produces an enzyme called plasmin, which cleaves the white fibrous protein and eliminates the thrombus.

As we grow older, our body produces less plasmin and more fibrinogen, resulting in easier clot formation, atheromatic plaques and so on. Thus, Nattokinase is a solution because it acts similarly to plasmin, dissolving the thrombi.

Overall benefits

By making blood “thinner”, Nattokinase protects against conditions that may contribute to heart attack, stroke, angina, peripheral arterial disease, deep vein thrombosis, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poor circulation.

It may be beneficial to pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, fibroids, muscular spasms, infertility, cancer, beriberi (polyneuritis).
More evidence is needed to evaluate the above health-related uses.


As anticoagulant, care should be taken by people receiving anticoagulants and those who have frequent haemorrhages. Since we receive it in its natural form through our food, there are no special concerns. Perhaps it makes sense not to consume products with Nattokinase, a few days before surgery (surgery, dental treatment, etc.).


There is no specific dosage when taking Nattokinase in the form of food.
At home we eat 1 tablespoon of Natto per day, per person, 3-4 times a week.

Where do we find Nattokinase in its natural form?

The enzyme is found in Natto, a traditional food of Japanese gastronomy.

Natto is fermented food made of soy, with a slimy texture and a strong tastes a bit like Roquefort cheese. Its texture and aroma are repulsive factors for many, but very attractive to others, however Natto is a real treasure for our health, which is worth finding your way of seasoning it so that you like it and it consume it often to receive its benefts.

What does Natto contain?

  • About 1 billion active probiotic bacteria per gram of Natto!
  • The potent thrombolytic enzyme Nattokinase.
  • Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone): essential for proper blood clotting, preservation of flexible vessels, and calcium regulation in arteries and bones, enhancing cardiovascular and bone health (see Osteoporosis).

Benefits from Natto

  • Protection against gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, gastritis, peptic ulcer, dysentery, antibiotic diarrhea, etc.)
  • It reduces various allergic reactions.
  • It increases cytokines that enhance the immune against bacterial infections, injuries, osteoporosis, cancer etc
  • Helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, protecting against heart disease, stroke
  • Helps reduce pressure.

Other soy foods

While Natto is a Superfood for our health, there are many more foods made of soy. Those which haven’t been under a fermentation process (like soy milk, minced soy meat, kebabs, tofu, oil, mixtures with soy flour), do not possess therapeutic properties and can create digestive and assimilation problems…

Soybean contains phytic acid that binds minerals and trace elements (antinutritional) from other foods, and is not broken down by our body, making soy indigestible, among others factors.

Soy products are beneficial when fermented with specific fungi and bacteria, making soybean nutrients easily bioavailable.

Such foods are:

  • Tempeh, the traditional Indonesian food that is more nutritious than meat.
  • Miso, perhaps the most probiotic food, from the Japanese tradition.
  • Soy sauce traditionally produced with a natural fermentation method, without additives.

How do you eat Natto?

Our favorite recipe is to put a good dose of mustard, soy sauce and chop fresh onion and half a nori leaf. Sometimes add a little lemon juice.

If you do not like it at first, insist! In 4-5 days of daily consumption (1 tablespoon / day), you will see that you will start to like it and soon you will love it…

The sure thing is that if you “hear” your body, you will understand how much it benefits you, feeling your stomach being grateful to your choice.

We hope that you will also join the group Natto lovers and allow yourself to receive its countless benefits…

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