It is possible to be vegetarian … and healthy! It’s enough to learn how to balance the foods you eat to be and stay healthy.


Here, Macrobiotics can be very useful.


Meat, poultry and fish offer a Yang counterweight for Yin foods such as sweets, pastries, dairy, soft drinks, etc. A problem is that our body cannot always process such foods unless we are very active to metabolize them normally.


When someone stops eating meat, he gradually discovers that he must also stop eating the Yin foods we mentioned; otherwise he will not feel well. I have seen this in people who like the idea of ​​vegetarianism and try it, but over time they get digestive problems, etc. Following a diet with many Yin foods slowly weakens the digestive tract and makes it unable to digest sufficient nutrients from vegetables, Fruit and dairy products. Weakness and loss of energy can also be the result of insufficient digestion and absorption of food.


A balanced vegetarian diet is possible if it is based on whole grains, seeds, legumes, seafood (for metals), and nuts and contains roots and green leafy vegetables. These foods, when properly cooked / prepared, can provide a balanced diet for a healthy, energy-filled life.


Many may ask why they should go through all this learning process that follows successful vegetarianism … but the benefits are many and not just limited to personal health. Being a vegetarian has a clear and positive environmental impact, it is more economical, humanistic and socially sensible, since the available sources of plant food are far more than the sources of animal feed in most areas.


Vegetarianism is a way of life that can solve the food crisis that occurs in many places on the planet. As waste and livestock waste and the inhumanity of animal exploitation when we can get what we need from plants is becoming more and more evident … the logic and wisdom of vegetarianism is emerging ever more clearly.


If this way of life interests you, but you still feel the need to eat animals for strength, you can make the transition to vegetarianism more gradually. Indeed, this may be the best way for the body of some people is accustomed to absorbing the nutrients needed by the animals and needs a smooth transition so that health is not put at risk.


As the land becomes more and more expensive, the cost of livestock farming will continue to increase. At some point the meat will become a kind of luxury and few will be able to have it. Then vegetarianism will not be just a choice, but it will be needed.


Fred Pulver


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