Cravings from the past

We do not need to be ashamed, but to treat them smartly!


“It’s in your kitchen, not in your mind!”


By making a dramatic change in our lives and nutrition, most people are confronted with the experience of missing some food from their old habits or having cravings for food that they did not imagine before.


By making better and healthier choices in place of our old desires, we can more quickly and easily “get rid of these crap and their consequences.


In Macrobiotic cuisine we use these materials and cooking styles, and as we become more familiar with them, the faster we will … end our past!


Fat for fat


Tofu sauce and / or Tempeh, vegetables salted with some oil, fried rice, fried noodles


Lime for bakery


Pickles, marinated (pressed salad), Seitan, pasta


Instead of dairy


Amazake, Miso as a seasoning, tofu cheese with Miso, fried Tempe, tofu as a base in sauces and sauces, nuts / seeds, tempura (deep frying),sauce with Miso-onion, seasoning Natto with mustard.


Instead of meat / poultry


Tempeh fried with onion, in sandwich

Vegetable or cereal burgers (millet-rice), e.g. Rice with beans

Sitting with salted vegetables, Seitan fried with pasta and tomato sauce, Seitan in Kimpira

Tofu, fried, salted or in the oven

(For those who are not ready to leave the animal ingredients) Boiled (or steaming) white-squeezed fish with ginger, onions and grated daikon (long-cut) and vegetables.


Healthier proteins


Soups of Legumes, Tempe, Seitan, Natto, Soup with Miso / Tamari


Healthy sweets without sugar


Vegetable butter (onion / pumpkin), chestnut cream, apple / pear juice, Amazake cream, cooked or baked fruit, rice cream, seasonal fruit tarts, sugar-chestnut balls.

Sweet vegetables, Nishime style, carrot soup, sweet corn.

Carrot cake, couscous cake, fruit jelly – rice cake – rice milk.


Other factors that help manage the crap:


Schedule your meal. Prepare your snacks and meals so you will not resort to ready solutions. It is also more economical!

Variety, variety, variety! Different materials, spices and cooking patterns will satisfy the palate and make it easier to feel satiety. Incorporate all tastes into your everyday life.

Relax. Sleep, meditation, yoga, resting body, mind and spirit to ask for less food for our energy needs.

Conscious choices. See how your food affects and rank it in the desired or not. Thinking only on the basis of taste, we continue the vicious circle. Nutritional change also requires mental work. By altering our eating choices, you will soon see a change in taste preferences! Choose healthier, discard unhealthy.

Watch the next Macrobiotics Basic Education cycle to learn how to use the above ingredients and how to make them to balance your diet according to your needs:


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