Our dear friends,

This is me, Julia, writing to you. Our little daughter Agapi grew a bit and I have some time to work on the computer.

I read few of our newsletters and found them informative but “dry”.
So I decided to take an initiative to add some “sauce” to them and write to you this time about – a divorce.

The divorce not of a couple but the divorce of Human being and Nature.
We are used to call Nature our Mother but recently I witnessed few times how disrespectfully we behave with our Mothers and I thought maybe we could relate to the Nature better if we think of it as of the Beloved One?

Do you remember how careful and gentle you were with your Beloved One when everything started?
Paying attention to any small detail, capturing all the words and movements?

Spring came – time to fall in love. Yes, to fall in love! Again! With the Beloved One, with Yourself, with Nature!

Go out, breath, look up into the sky – this also helps to stretch the neck and stimulate the energy flow in the thyroid gland.

Make a nice but light dessert – you remember we showed in all our cooking classes how to make couscous cake with apple juice? If you haven’t attended our cooking classes – join us!

Pick up wild weeds and make spring style sautéed with it or add it to the recipe with black-eyed beans. You will find the recipe below.

Need a detox? Something simple?
Here you are – kukicha tea with umeboshi! Boil kukicha according to the instructions on the label and pour it into your cup over finely chopped half of the umeboshi.

And spread your Love! Smile!

With lots of love to all of you,



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